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Web Accessibilty Demystified

Zohar Arad. October 2012

In 2012, IRS, VAT & Social Security Websites in Israel can only be accessed in Internet Explorer

Think about it

Some disabled people cannot access the Social Security Services online!

More than 80% of accessibility requirements for a Website doesn't require extra work.

It's like having a builder charge extra for building a solid house.


What makes a Website accessible?

Accessible Design

Helping the visually and cognitively impaired

Legible Typography

Help visually impaired read more easily


Well chosen color scheme

Helps color-blind discerne content and meaning


Legible and meaningful labels

Help visually and cognitively impaired perform common actions more easily

Combining textual & graphic visual aids

Helps cognitively impaired grasp meaning of UI components

Adding skip-links

Helps visually & physically impaired quickly access different content sections

Additional Cost: Zero!

Just add it to the design process

Accessible Content

Helping visually & physically impaired

Write semantic, meaningful markup

Help users with screen-readers access your content more easily.


Add image captions and text titles

Help visually impaired grasp meaning & context of multi & hyper media.

  <img src="/sunset.jpg" alt="Sunsetting by the sea" />
  <figcaption>Sunset at the ocean</figcaption>

Use tab-indices and access keys

Help physically impaired perform common tasks without a mouse.

<input type="search" tabindex="2" accesskey="s" />

Additional Costs: Zero

If your content is accessible, you gain more users and more SEO rank.

Accessibility rules of thumb


Ensure your color scheme is properly contrasted and color-blind friendly


Use large font sizes (16px and higher) and spacious line-heights


Use icons and text together


Provide meaningful labels, keyboard shortcuts, skip links and tab indices


Write meaningful markup.

Stop using <div> and <span> for everything!


Write semantic markup

<nav>, <section>, <article>, <aside>, <header>,
<footer>, <hgroup>, <figure>, <figcaption>

Start caring

Stop paying for it!

Color Blindness Demo

Thank You