A supercharged version of the wonderful wysihtml5 editor, powered by Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome and Jcrop

The "Why?"

WYSIHTML5 Enhanced is inspired by the great work of James Hollingworth on bootstrap-wysihtml5. However to improve the image handling mechanism in both James' version and the original wysihtml5 editor, I decided to create my own version

WYSIHTML5 Enhanced differs from its ancestors in its support for adding image via drag-and-drop rather than a simple URL input. To that end, I assume you're going to use it with an ES5 compliant browser, with support for both Drag-and-Drop and FileReader APIs.

The "How?"

First you need to include some Javascript and CSS files in your page (thought you'd get away with it didn't ya?). All the files you need, except jQuery are available under the dist folder in the repository. Just add it to your code base and include.

Somewhere in your code:

  1. $('#wysihtml5-editor').wysiHTML5N();

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